Being a yoga, pilates and barre teacher isn't an easy job. After teaching long hours for many years, Allie noticed her physical body was constantly sore. She turned to myofascial release (MFR) because it was a fancy word that she thought could help, and her hunch was right!

MFR increases blood flow, improves muscular range of motion, reduces muscle soreness and helps to maintain normal muscle function. She quickly saw the benefits of MFR in her personal yoga practice and has been rolling out daily ever since. 

To learn how MFR techniques can be helpful and tailored to your body and needs, get in touch with Allie today. 



Allie is part of the official distribution team for Rad Roller products in the UAE.

Come hell or high tension, Rad is here to teach everybody and every body a thing or two about how the world is meant to move. Our muscle-mastering massage, mobility and recovery tools are some of the most innovative ever created. Ever. 

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