Never miss the opportunity to help someone.”


Alison, also known as Allie, is a proud Canadian who has been living in Dubai for about 5 years. She is a 6 foot-tall ‘kid’ who loves to make individuals laugh and help them let go of their serious side. You can expect to smile, laugh, and have just plain fun with each one of her yoga classes.

Allie wasn’t always a yoga teacher. She is actually a Registered Dietitian from Canada with a Masters in Public Health in community nutrition. Her yoga journey began 5 years ago, when she noticed stress beginning to take over her life and her personality.

After practicing yoga for many years, Allie finally decided to take her 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher training in Thailand. She quickly realized how yoga can help put ‘hardships’ into perspective and the stress melted away.  Two years later, she went on to complete her 300 hour Hatha/Ashtanga Teacher Training in India. Allie is also a certified in Pre- and Post-Natal Yoga Teacher, as well as a Pilates Teacher (Reformer and Mat) and Barre Class Instructor.

Allie currently manages Piloga, a Pilates, Yoga, and Barre studio in Business Bay.  She has also been chosen as a Lululemon ambassador, representing the yoga community in Dubai and participating in community events on a monthly basis.  Allie combines both her nutrition education and yoga knowledge to promote a holistic approach to living.